Lincolnshire based aviation artist and photographer Lisa Harding trained at the London College of Printing back in the 90’s and since then has completed a number of commissions for a wide range of clients. Lisa’s interest in aviation stems from her own family history. Her Great Grandfather Stephen Alfred Humprhies was an Aircraftman Second Class in the RAF and was based at RAF Bourn in Cambridgeshire during the time when 97 Squadron (Pathfinders) were based there. They were the second squadron to take delivery of the new AVRO Lancaster which explains why she have had a lifelong fascination with this particular aircraft.

Lisa can often be found, in the summer months, at an airshow with a very long lens pointing toward the sky as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flies overhead with their Lancaster PA474 ‘Leader’. Lisa’s work aims to honour the men like her Great Grandfather and all those men and women of Bomber Command who fought for our freedom in the second world war. Lisa’s work recreates moments in time such as the moment aircrew return an operation or shows the airmen and ground crew going about their duties. These pieces give you a unique piece of art celebrating your family history and are highly emotive as an act of remembrance. In 2014, during the historic ‘Two Lancasters’ summer, Lisa sold copies of her artwork to raise money for the ¬†Lancaster of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, VeRA when she had engine problems and for Just Jane, the Lancaster of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.¬† The LAHC are working hard to get Just Jane into airworthy condition and through the sales of her piece of work ‘Ready To Go’, Lisa was able to donate over ¬£2,000 to these two aviation centres.

If you would like to speak to Lisa about a comission you can do so on the contact page.

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